Best Songs With Signed Artists!

Mostly best songs from the artists that are signed to a record label will be better. Why? Because most of the record labels will analyse the song, artist and potentional outlet first before signing on the label. This mostly is done by an A&R team that sometimes even help getting the song in better shape and quality so the product which in this case is a song been delivered in best quality possible for the listener. It’s not a secret that record labels are the best playlist curators out there because they already work with good a quality music, they understand and know the potentional of the song and can easely judge which might be a good fit for the label and which not. Same for the playlists. If the label is the curator of the playlists you can expect some good and quality music in there because the playlists are curated by experienced proffesionals with a long experience in music industry. That’s why the best songs might be found in label’s playlists and mostly the artists will be already signed with the record label. You are at the right place. We are record label and we do also have our playlists that you can find here and these contain more than than 150 signed artists on our record label!

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